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Combining Astrology, Yoga, Tea and Dance to celebrate the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Feb. 26th, 2017

@ Private Artist Sanctuary in North Seattle



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2:00  Opening Circle

New Moon intention setting





2:30 Introduction to Astrology w/Gypsy Vibes

Astrology is a tool we can all use to observe patterns and cycles of time to tap into the rhythms of nature.This class will be a beginning to expanding your knowledge of astrology and getting familiar with the map of your soul or the natal birth chart. Together, we will explore the meanings of the elements, modes, signs and planets building the foundation of understanding the basics of this fascinating study.


3:30 Talk on current astrological cycles

Gypsy Vibes will take a look at the current planetary cycles and share insights with the group on the astrology of this New Moon Eclipse and beyond.




This yoga workshop combines two powerful approaches for experiencing deep relaxation. Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra naturally complement each other as practices, as both are meditative forms of embodied practice.


*Suitable for all practitioners, regardless of experience with yoga/meditation. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your mat! We will have blocks available, but please feel free to bring bolsters, blankets or anything else you might need to feel comfortable.*


4:00 Yin Yoga w/Audrey Dohm

Yin Yoga: Yin is a cooling practice and a great balance to the dynamic Yang styles of quickly moving through postures. Through longer holds and slower motions, this practice stimulates and targets connective tissues and joints, working into the edge of postures. We will encourage our body-mind to open slowly, stay with sensation, and release patterns of limitation.


5:00  Yoga Nidra w/ Audrey Dohm

Yoga Nidra: Using guided visualizations and deep relaxation techniques, Yoga Nidra is designed to guide practitioners past the conditioned mind into a bliss-state of self-awareness and deep calm. This practice is intended to restore body, mind and spirit!


5:20 Afternoon Tea Ceremony and Treats w/Gypsy Vibes

During the tea ceremony you will use all of your senses to savor the gorgeous teas selected and connect deeper with others in the group through the process.

Tea and Food Menu:

Organic Teas and Food will be provided before the dance.




7:00 Ecstatic Dance

 w/  Rob Noble





*Tea house reopens along with creative area and dance floor


9:00 Closing Circle

Circle up and share your experience with the group and seal the intentions originally set at the beginning of the day.





Audrey Dohm:

Audrey is an intuitive and ever curious yogi and is delighted to share her love of moving meditation with her students. Audrey completed her first Vinyasa teacher training in 2014 and since then, has shared her teaching in classes, workshops and festivals around Washington and beyond! Audrey’s teaching style integrates the foundations of Asana alignment and Pranayama while inviting her students to explore their boundaries with fluidity, curiosity and a sense of humor. I look forward to meeting you on your mat!


Tia Quin:

Tia Shoot.jpg

Tia Quin aka Gypsy Vibes is a visionary artist, astrologer and tea wizard.

Tia has been interested in astrology since she was a young girl. She began seriously exploring the subject in 2012 and has spent the past 5 years absorbing much astrological knowledge and wisdom as she could through self study, books, sky watching, workshops and astrological conferences. She has been an apprentice to and student of Kaypacha since 2015 whom has been a excellent teacher and guide in helping develop her skills as an astrologer and grow as an individual.  Tia is now working on developing her own astrological practice and is very excited to share what she has learned with those interested in the cosmic dance.

Tia has studied Gong Fu Cha or Chinese Tea Ceremony for over 10 years and has served tea at many private events, gatherings and festivals around the world. She uses traditional tea ware and takes pride in choosing only the highest quality of teas to be served to the guests at her table.





Rob Noble:


Rob Noble has been an active member, DJ, and promoter in the Northwest Electronic Music community since '00. He is mostly known for his Drum&Bass but loves some groovy tech-house, techno, and 2-step. He has had the privilege of playing at large festivals, clubs and underground parties all over the country.





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