Tia Quin aka Gypsy Vibes is a Visionary Artist, Astrologer, Gong-fu Tea Master and A Transformational Event Coordinator. 



Since beginning to paint in 2008, Gypsy Vibes has created at countless events in the PNW, around the country and abroad. She specializes in creating black light reactive art and is enchanted with the vibrant fluorescent colors and the beauty of shining light in the dark. Her artwork has recently evolved beyond the canvas and she now enjoys creating immersive areas that come alive beautifully after sundown.





A wizard at heart, Tia's first online account was on when she was 12. She began seriously exploring the subject of astrology in 2012 and has spent the past 5 years absorbing as much astrological knowledge and wisdom as she could through intensive self study, books, sky watching, workshops and astrological conferences. Tia is now working on building her own astrological practice and as of last year she began a blog/youtube channel to share her insights and also gives private readings.




Gypsy Vibes began hosting transformational events in 2013 on the Big Island of the Hawaii. She moved to Seattle in 2014 and after a few years of live painting,hosting tea lounges and assisting at festivals in the Northwest, she began hosting events again. Since 2016 she has put on Awakening, Behind the Veil, The Moon Trilogies: Questing.                                                            


Tia has also studied Gong Fu Cha or Chinese Tea Ceremony for 11 years and has served tea at many private events, gatherings and festivals around the world. She uses delicate traditional tea wares and takes pride in choosing only the highest quality of teas to be served to the guests at her table.