Awakening 2016 Gallery

Photos by V.A. Davis Photography


Join us for Awakening, celebrating the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 18th 2016 .An epic gathering of visionary artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It is time to awaken to our creative potential as individuals and come together to manifest the magic of our visions in our community! 

Dance in the moonlight all night ~Djs, Live acts, Epic Gallery, Live Painting, Tea Lounges, Yoga, Local Vendors, Fire spinners, Camping and more ♥ 

Will be held 1.5 hours south of Seattle, North of Portland @ the 100 acre woods. This event will be held on my Grandmother's land and it is a beautiful Sacred Space. This land is to be treated with the utmost respect and reverence. Pack in and pack out.  

Tickets: $30.00 in advanced

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Music Line up:

Pilz Beats



Gypsy Vibes

My name is Tia Yesima Quin, also known as Gypsy Vibes. I grew up in the jungles of Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii and honed my intentions here in piney Seattle. I have been creating my whole life and painting is my main meditation.  I use ultraviolet acrylic paints in my work as I am in love with the electric and shocking vibes these hues bring. I am inspired and awed by nature's intricate design and I use my brushes and paint to create the vibrant visions of what I see in the outside world and reflect them on canvas.The beautiful and many forms of the goddess come through in most of my work, at home in the chaotic flow of colors and light. As we make the shift into higher vibrations I am delighted to share imagery that I have brought into manifestation with the beautiful earth community.

My passion for art is rivaled by my love of astrology. By tuning into the cosmic dance above, we open ourselves to paths that led to more consciously co creating and harmonizing with nature around us. I hope to share my insights with others to help raise the overall vibration on our beautiful yet mistreated Earth. It is clear that we are approaching a time and space where we must learn navigate the terrain with love, respect, and positive intentions so that we can walk together in a sacred way, as we intended when we desended from the stars.

Dave the Rainbow

The synchronicity of Dave's life has had him travel around the world, exploring the mysteries of human civilization and life itself. He has exhibited his art in various exhibits and festivals in United States, Europe, and Central America and since being introduced to Chinese Tea Ceremony, has introduced the “Blacklight Infinite Rainbow Lovin’ Tea Lounge.” His latest exploration has been into the mysteries of Astrology, I Ching, and Tarot. Naturally intrigued by philosophy and symbolism Dave has been exposing the hidden depths of consciousness and composing multicultural symbolic paintings of geometry and ancient mysticism. As a suburban shaman, He has been an instrument in the local community building and healing through the arts. Dave is thankful to have found art as an appropriate form of expression outside of the restrictions of the English language.


Andy Art

I am a full time artist born and raised in Washington state. Art is my driving force in my life and has been since before I can remember. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine art from the Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo, I attended Bates Technical College and Tacoma Community college. I have done many charity driven events, volunteerism and I am extremely active. When I am not doing art, I am socializing, gardening, enjoying the outdoors somewhere, lifting weights, traveling, exploring, being spontaneous. I live for fun! I like anything that is a challenge and always try to choose the road less traveled, since I believe that the outcome is always more than you imagined...My art is best described as psychedelic, visionary, abstract, expressionist, geometric, colorful and usually WAY out there!

Steven Garcia

Steven Garcia is a psychedelic blacklight painter coming from Long Beach, CA. His work depicts an array of female models embodying feminine energy and the source of creation; the paintings are layered with mythological symbolism, current media, and color structure to create physiological responses in the viewer.




Charlette's Web

Flux Frequencies



Live Performances by

Dynamic, emotive, mesmerizing – Luma is a performer known for her magnetic stage presence and unique flow artistry. After spending her adolescence training in classical theater, Luma's path took a turn towards the whimsical when she began performing modern circus, flow, and fire arts four years ago. She has performed with big names such as Tipper, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Tara Brooks, Russ Liquid, and more at festivals such as Electric Forest, Cascadia, What The Festival, and Burning Man. Dropped from a comet on a crystalline cloud, Luma is here to take you on a cosmic journey of intrigue and inspiration.



Liv Lucid

Raised in California, Liv Lucid, brings a San Francisco influenced blend of contemporary, hip hop, and tribal fusion belly dance techniques. Beginning in tap, jazz, and ballet classes as a child Liv hit the stage as early as the age of six years old. During 2007-2008 Liv was the lead choreographer and director of dance, in Texas, for the Honor Academy internship program. In 2012 Liv began a new journey through dance styles. Ranging from the strength and complexities of aerial arts, fire and hoop flow dance, to her charming ability to move her body with tribal fusion style belly dance techniques.


Moon Rise Yoga Flow w/ Audrey Dohm

Audrey is an intuitive and ever curious yogi with a background in power vinyasa and hot yoga traditions. Drawn to yoga's practice of self-exploration and discovery, Audrey looks forward to being a lifelong student of moving meditation and is delighted to share her love of the practice with her students. Audrey completed her 200hr power yoga teacher training with CorePower Yoga in 2014 after moving to Seattle from Denver. Audrey's teaching style integrates the foundations of asana alignment and pranayama while inviting her students to explore their boundaries with fluidity and curiosity. Music is central in Audrey's classes, and she loves the fusion of expression and balance of mind, body and breath that accompany yoga and dance. Audrey looks forward to meeting you and your vibrational self on your mat


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