Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces


This Lunar Eclipse is in Pisces conjunct Chiron square Mars in Sagittarius square to the Sun in Virgo. Everything is sensitized, acutely felt with this Moon. With the square to Mars, it is especially the case. It is a touchy time for all, so use compassion this weekend. Realize that everyone is being triggered by universal irritations. It is safe to say that all of us are fairly pissed off that we are not unconditionally loved and adored, or accepted for who we are. It is a real core wound for all of us down here in Earth school. We feel there is always a more perfected state that have we have not attained. We have more work to do with the Sun in Virgo. We are not virgins and we all have shadows.


Another aspect occurring at the time of this eclipse is Venus in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. This energy can manifest in two ways. One much more in alignment and balance than the other.

“You can't take my freedom!!!” Braveheart style. Defenses up and ready to launch at the slightest restriction (#gypsyvibes lol)


You realize that you are individuating and that the other people in your life are too and its OK! We will grow together side by side. Each in possession of a unique purpose that complements the other. Freedom is a given once you respect that. 

Libra is an air sign and it is about exchanging mental energy.  Love takes communication, compromise and cooperation. It is the theme of the time. We have the other there to bounce ideas off of, to learn from and to help shake us up with new information. Venus in Libra is all about attracting the proper mirror to reflect the lesson that your soul is seeking. Uranus is waking up our need to be independent and at the same time we have Venus calling for interdependence (not co-dependency!!!)  Make yourself someone that can be depended on. Practice these things by yourself first, then work on incorporating into the dance with other people once you get the hang of it.

Venus in Libra is also making a sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. Being a gypsy and all, I travel a lot by myself. While it is necessary at times for soul searching and what not but it is always such a bummer to see or experience something so amazing that you wish there was someone to share the moment with. This is a quest that you will want to have a trail mate. There is no one to show and tell if you charge off on this journey alone! So in the spirit of learning how to cooperate and socialize go find a good friend to mission with and get going.


Uranus is trine or in harmony with Mars in Sagittarius , we want the freedom to be able to quest, to explore and not be held back. We must allow others the space for individuating to happen. Respecting others awakenings, no matter how outlandish and eccentric their vibes get is key to making this opposition one that is complementary and not conflict causing. 

The fight for freedom and individuation is raging right now on a small scale and much grander scale Uranus is waking us all up so that we can become the warriors that we need to be in a world and society that would keep us forever at odds with one another and under an umbrella of oppression.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to be a free self. To make exciting new choices and take paths that no one has ever taken.

It is obvious that isn't the current reality. The other is demonized. Being different in this large herd makes you a target. The foreign is made the enemy. A terrorist. This is simply not the case for a vast majority of beautiful earthlings. There are amazing people all over the globe and just because they are different than you does not mean they are a threat. With Saturn in Sag there can be some heaviness around the foreign, a fear. We need to acknowledge that no matter how foreign another culture or person is to us, they are our brothers and sisters too. The more of us that stand together despite our differences the better. This is the only way old paradigms will be overthrown. The true rebellion is bringing so many unique spirits together and blowing their minds with how well we all cooperate. You can see it happening in the underground news right now with the Black Lives Matter movement joining the Sacred Stone Camp in the fight against those that have no respect for life.

We each have revolutions occurring internally, within us we can feel something stirring. To alter your entire programming and take the leap into an individuated state takes an extreme amount of trust in self. Aries is a sign, that even if they don't know what is ahead of them they impatiently charge forward and take action. Believe in yourself and make the jump. You are needed. Use that Aries energy of the warrior to awaken others from compliance and passivity. Bring that Venus love vibe to the table as well. Balance.


I wrote quite a bit about Jupiter in Libra in my New moon report, it isn't aspected yet the energy has shifted noticeably.  Connections are blossoming. Things are picking up and life is getting way more social. Go have fun. Meet people. Keep growing more and more. Enjoy the last week of Mercury retrograde! Crazyyyyy times.

Vibes Alive!