Full Moon in Gemini December 13th, 2016

Hope everyone is having a good day on this Full Moon in Gemini! I am really busy with work and in the thick of my Saturn return having my own troubles so I haven't had very much time for one of my true passions, astrology. Wrote a bit about this moon on my lunchbreak, hope you enjoy 💖


This Gemini Full Moon is bringing up and illuminating polarity. You may:

-Pulled this way and that
-Experience an information overload
-Be shown how we are communicating and where we are not communicating to our best ability.

While in the opposite sign Sun/Saturn in Sagittarus is weighing on all of us to:
-Find our personal truth
-Follow through on vision
-Be in Integrity
-Being Natural
-Be Honest

This is a Full Moon be authentic. Embrace your yin and yang. Polarity is in place for a reason and it is in place to show us that there are two sides to every coin and both are right.

Chiron in Pisces squares both the Full Moon and the Sun/Saturn triggering our insecurities of the lack of unity we encounter when taking on the apparent "solo" mission here on earth. We are never alone. 8 billion people are here with you all on their own journeys that are interconnected by hidden webs. We have to learn work together for the greater good of the all.

We can heal the wounds that hold us back from acheiving our highest aspirations by standing in the mirror, in the midst of all the duality and distraction and seeing the true self behind any masks or superficial faces we put on to meet the world. Are you ready to be yourself? Raw and true.

Jupiter moving through Libra this year is highlighting the need for fairness, equality and growing through experiencing the other. The world needs more love, balance, and beauty. We have to learn to expand and grow together and it won't be easy but it is definetly worth it. This is a year of meeting the other halfway and with intentions to expand beyond what can be done alone.

At the same time Uranus in Aries opposite Jupiter. Uranus calls for awakening to our personal freedom at the same time as expanding through partnership. Uranus is also trine the Sun/Saturn in Sagittarus. While these energies of Saturn and Uranus normally clash (form and structure vs. non conformity and rebellion against stagnant structures), this is not the case with them being in trine. They are harmoniously working together to bring us back into our natural state. Free within form. Authentic. Real. Born creators of our own destiny and manifestors of a new paradigm!