New Moon Eclipse in Virgo

Well it is pouring rain here in Seattle so a video in the garden is no good, I will at least type this baby up before heading into town for more work!!! I have been working all day and all night and apologize for my lapse in videos . Being a professional gypsy ain't easy folks. With my schedule askew, I humbly offer this little write up on the next couple weeks!

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon at 9º of Virgo was yesterday on the 1st and was conjunct the North Node of the Moon at 12º Right in between the full moon lunar eclipse of the last month on August 18th in Aquarius and the full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces coming up on September 16th . This new moon brings the earth element. We have had our "Awakening" with that electric moon a couple weeks back, now another portal opens for us to journey. It is on the north node of the moon which means this is a big key in activating the paths we do choose for ourselves as servants and stewards of this reality and it is time to pay close attention. 

At the time of this New Moon, Mercury and Jupiter were exactly conjunct in the last degrees of Virgo and loosely conjunct Venus which already moved into Libra on Monday the 29th.Virgo is the end of summer and a time of concentrated effort of harvesting whatever metaphorical crop you have been tending to. Whether you are harvesting veggies or making big business moves, separating the rotten fruit from the good fruit is the task. Narrow your focus and get practical on how you will expand your service to the world. 

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury went retrograde on August 30th and will remain so until Sept 21st. The last time Mercury was retrograde in Taurus, this time it is in it's home sign of Virgo. The difference between the earth signs? One is fixed of course and the other is mutable. With one it is time to establish itself, ground and build up resources with the other it is time for flexibility and adaptation. The fields need clearing, there is a metamorphosis that sweeps across the land. Springs retrograde was about slowing down and rooting down to match the rhythms of the earth as you planted and charged up for the summer. This retrograde has more to do with a emptying of cluttered thought and a focusing of our mental energies on the grand plan and fine tuning it to suit your needs(you do have one,don't you?). This Mercury retrograde is about narrowing down your focus so that when you are making these plans and setting up yourself up for this next cycle of time that you don't miss any of the super important details rushing around. 

The final Saturn square Neptune is happening in the midst of these eclipses on the 10th. This solar eclipse and new moon pre activates the exact conjunction and enters a T-square with the two. and re-activates the tension that has been building all year as these planets have faced off. As always, the New Moon means it is once again time to set an intention for the month ahead. With this moon on a Solar Eclipse, you are also setting yourself up for the next 6 months ahead until the eclipses of the spring occur. In Virgo the test is to remain pure amidst all the chaos and dramas of life. Pure mind (well...ya know not too pure biblical “virgins” here), body and spirit is what we are all striving for. Stay focused, get a healthy routine dialed in and use healthy (not hateful) discrimination to keep life crisis free! We have outdated realities dissolving, beliefs getting thrown left and right, and spirituality and new paradigms moving in to oppose the dogmatic and patriarchal religions that have dominated the scene for centuries. Shit's crazyyyyy with several y's. Take it easy and stay focused on living the pure life. Toss out beliefs that aren't personally helpful and smash the rose colored glasses under boot at the same time and you'll make it through this tense transit.

Venus and Jupiter in Libra

Venus in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn on September 11th. There is no security in the old way of doing partnership. Being passive is not going to bring about these deep changes in the way that relationships are conducted, how we treat each other, the roles we play and how to have a non superficial and dynamic love with another person. Venus in Libra is what meets the eye, what is apparent on the surface is lovely and beautiful. It is joyful and harmonious. It is the Queen of Heaven, shining in the eyes of her adorers. But not all is beautiful in this world. We have a dysfunctional and distorted way of relating in our society. Be it romantic, business, or otherwise. The challenge with this square is to be authentic and forge deeper connections than society has ever allowed.

Lucky for everyone, this is going to be a far more social year than the last and we will all have ample opportunities to come together. Jupiter moves into Libra on September 9th, ending its year long passage through the sign of Virgo. With Jupiter in Libra an abundance of mirrors will present themselves to you. All will reflect back to you what needs to be balanced out in your life. Where have you been taking extremes and how can you bring more joy and harmony into your interactions with other people by finding a midpoint of neutrality. The expansive planet will help us to grow with every encounter and new connection. This is a year to team up, and through cooperative efforts more can be achieved in all avenues of life.

Meeting the other isn't always harmonious. Libra can be a foe or friend. If you have a fight, grow from the battle. Find ways to learn from the moments where the equilibrium is upset and negotiations go sour. Could you have communicated better? Likely. Use any conflicts that come up this year as an opportunity to expand your diplomatic tool box. Every time you trifle you are gonna learn something. Try to see the middle way, wiggle around compromise. Use your big words! 

If you have hear any Jupiter tales you will know, he is a god of many rendezvous and one that loves to push the limit of free expression (especially of a sexual nature). This is a good time to open up! Literally. Allow connections to happen and be ready to stretch the limits in the year ahead! Even if you have to be slightly rachet. Mars is now charging along in Sagittarius, a Jupiter ruled sign and is all about the leash being taken off so exploring can happen. Be adventerous :wink wink: 

And With most of the planets now out of the more personal signs, time to get out there and butterfly it up. Have fun and keep your vibes alive!

~Gypsy Vibes