Reflections on Aquarius, Awakening and Community

Reflections on Aquarius, Awakening and Community

I have recently conducted an experiment in my local community. August 18th, 2016 was the Full Moon in Aquarius at 25 degrees. The test: Can creative individuals (Leo) step into their roles as co-creative members of a larger community and hold a container for the tribe (Aquarius) to flourish via our cooperative efforts.

Intention setting


It is very important to set intentions for what it is you are manifesting. It is also important for everyone to get on the same wavelength and vibration. We started off by visually acknowledging each individual in the circle with direct eye contact and conspiratory nods. Wake up, we are all in this together. Every person in your immediate circle is key during this shift from unconsciousness (Ending of the age of Pisces) and into Awakening (Begining the age of Aquarius). There is a connection that flows through all of us and we are in the process of waking up to what it means to be aware of the greater tribe, to be able to deal with transpersonal energies and collective consciousness. Once you individuate and come on board there is the next step of integrating your art into the community, making friends and broading the hoop to include more. We didn't quite hold hands, we did however we breathed deeply and OM three times. Clicked our heels and party was started!

Saturn stuff: Accountability Time, Commitments, Leadership, Delegation.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 5.32.02 PM.png

No matter who you are, if you are on Earth, you are in time and within the boundaries of it (Saturn). You could see Saturn/Mars/Antares conjunct in the sky. We all have a limit to how far we can soar before being burnt out. This is where true leadership and delegation come into play. This is where you need to create boundaries so that you are not over commiting and wearing yourself down. This is where new leaders are created by pausing, accessing the amount of fire you are able to sustain and passing the torch if it is necessary. And it is totally necessary. Allow others to come into the roles they are destined for. 

Follow a schedule. Even artists like myself need to create deadlines in order to get pieces finished for shows or clients. Respect other peoples schedules and the effort they are putting forth to be there. Time is a hard one for hippies, but showing up for those in the tribe that show up for you needs to be a thing. Creating a schedule is not a bad thing, it is a respectful necessity when cooperating on grander scales with others. 

Commit, but don't over commit. Know yourself and your limits and you will never reach the point of exhaustion or saltiness that lowers your vibration. Tall Sagittarus tales are good and well, but actually standing in your truth and doing what you say you are going to do is what counts. 

And follow the rules. There are bullshit rules in our society, true. However there are rules that we should follow that are universal. Treat your brothers and sisters with respect. Do not hurt each other. Respect the land and nature.


And when all of the artists and creators of the land come together in cooperation we get magic. The container is created by the mutual respect that each person is given by putting forth their light. We get true wizardry and all that good imaginative Neptune stuff bubbles forth from our wands. High art is achieved. Beauty is manifested. And we all have a great time doing it. There is a positive side to this Saturn/Neptune square that is in play. Make your dreams real and bring them into form. 


The experiement was a great sucess here in my community, I hope that others get inspired to gather friends and create connections that further us in our awakening to higher vibrations, more conscious co creating and a future where these occurances are common place. Time to find your tribe. Start locally and expand globally. 

As you awaken keep your vibes alive and your eyes open. The sun is rising.