Tia Shoot.jpg

My name is Tia Quin also known as Gypsy Vibes. I grew up in the jungles of Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii and honed my intentions here in piney Seattle. I have been creating my whole life and painting is my main meditation.  I use ultraviolet acrylic paints in my work as I am in love with the electric and shocking vibes these hues bring. I am inspired and awed by nature's intricate design and I use my brushes and paint to create the vibrant visions of what I see in the outside world and reflect them on canvas.The beautiful and many forms of the goddess come through in most of my work, at home in the chaotic flow of colors and light. As we make the shift into higher vibrations I am delighted to share imagery that I have brought into manifestation with the beautiful earth community.

My passion for art is rivaled by my love of astrology. By tuning into the cosmic dance above, we open ourselves to paths that led to more consciously co creating and harmonizing with nature around us. I hope to share my insights with others to help raise the overall vibration on our beautiful yet mistreated Earth. It is clear that we are approaching a time and space where we must learn navigate the terrain with love, respect, and positive intentions so that we can walk together in a sacred way, as we intended when we descended from the stars.


Aloha and Vibes Alive, See you in the light!!!